Tips for picking a strong magnet

Strong magnets are now widely used in life, almost involving all walks of life. There are electronic industry, aviation industry, medical industry and so on.

So buy Ndfeb strong magnet, how to judge the quality of ndFEB magnet? This is a problem that many new people often encounter, what kind of magnet is good?
Today magnet manufacturers teach you to buy Ndfeb strong magnet some skills.
Second, there is how the external environment to choose the magnet required coating.
Three, the magnetic force of the magnet requirements, temperature requirements?
Four, magnetic force consistent stability, raw material channel?

Magnetic selection can be based on your specifications to choose the size of the material, the temperature is specific, below 80 degrees, choose N series, more than 80 H series, resistant to 120 degrees; SH series, resistant to 150 degrees; UH series, 180 ° resistance; And 200 degrees above EH and AH.
Plating is common with nickel plating and zinc plating and gold plated silver plating and other plating methods, can be produced in accordance with customer requirements. , high requirements can be plated with epoxy.

Usually the quality of Ndfeb is mainly evaluated from two aspects:
1, appearance
2, performance

Appearance: check whether there are missing edges and corners, whether the electroplating is in good condition, and whether the size meets the design requirements.

Performance: Ndfeb performance has a unified standard, the main indicators are magnetic energy product, coercivity, remanence and so on.
Understand the above points, you can choose to meet the ndfeb strong magnet you want
How to handle and store magnets safely?
Always be careful because the magnets can stick together on their own and could pinch your fingers. Magnets can also damage the magnets themselves by bumping into each other (knocking off edges or causing cracks).


Post time: Mar-07-2022