The application of permanent magnets in new energy vehicles

magnet  usage

There have been many introductions to the application of Neodymium magnets before, such as high -performance neodymium permanent magnet materials in the industry in the field of robotics, the application of the magnet in the electrical appliances, the application of the fisher in the headset, etc. Let’s introduce the application of neodymium Magnet in new energy vehicles.
New energy vehicles mainly include hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles. High -performance iron iron boron permanent magnet materials are mainly used in new energy vehicle drive motors. Drive motors suitable for new energy vehicles are permanent magnet synchronous motors, AC asynchronous motors, and switch magnetic magnetic Three categories of motor motors, of which, because the permanent magnet synchronous motor has the advantages of wide -tuning range, high power density, small volume, and high efficiency, it has become a mainstream motor. Qin Tie Boron permanent magnet has the characteristics of high magnetic energy accumulation, high internal tone orthopedic force, and high remaining magnetic. It effectively improves the power density and torque density of the motor, and is widely used in permanent magnet motor rotor.

EPS (electric help steering system) is a component (0.25kg/vehicle) with the most permanent magnet volume in addition to driving motor. The EPS help microtomotor as permanent magnet motor. It has high requirements for performance, weight and volume, so The permanent magnet material in EPS is mainly high -performance sintering or hot iron iron boron magnet.

Except for driving motors, the rest of the car on the other cars is miniature motors. The micro motor has low magnetic requirements. At present, it is mainly based on iron oxygen. Consumption is 10%and the weight is reduced by more than 50%, which has become the future trend of micro -motor. The car speaker is also a scene of the iron iron boron permanent magnet in the new energy vehicle. The permanent magnet performance has a direct impact on the sound quality of the speaker. The higher the density of the permanent magnet magnetic flux, the higher the sensitivity of the speaker. When the sound is sounded, the sound is simply not dragging water. The speakers on the market mainly include aluminum nickel cobalt, iron oxygen, and iron iron boron. It is a high -end speaker, most of which use Neodymium magnet.


Post time: Oct-25-2022