How to check the quality of strong magnets?

There is no uniform standard for the strength of strong magnets. The key indicators are magnetic loss, magnetic energy product, and magnetic energy product type. Different types of strong NdFeB magnets can be identified by Gaussian function and the quality and performance of this magnet can be identified according to the Gaussian function. As long as the magnetic energy product is based on the magnetic characteristic detector, there is generally no such standard for customers to test.​​

Magnet is just a general term, generally referring to magnetism, and the actual composition does not necessarily contain iron. The relatively pure metal state of iron itself does not have strong magnetism. Only when it is constantly approached to the strong magnet will the induction system generate magnetism. Generally, some other impurity elements such as carbon are added to the strong magnet to make the magnetism work stably. It will not only reduce the freedom of enterprise electronics and make it difficult to conduct electricity.

Therefore, when the current can pass through, the light bulb will not light up. Iron is a common magnetic element, but many students have designed other elements of civilization to have stronger magnetism. For example, many problems with strong magnets are a mixture of neodymium, iron, and boron. .

The energy of the magnet comes from the magnetic field generated by itself, and the endowment of the magnetic field itself is the electromagnetic field, which is different from the alternating electromagnetic field/magnetic field that can be directly converted into energy. Generally, the stopped magnetic field can only be generated by the relative activity of the conductor. The effect of changing the magnetic field. Therefore, the magnet is an indispensable part of the generator. Of course, the modern generator is not necessarily a magnet to generate the magnetic field, it may also be a coil winding to generate a sufficient magnetic field!

Post time: Aug-22-2022