How to better maintain the service life?


Magnetic manufacturers analyze that the range of magnets in daily life is still common. There are many types of magnets in the market, such as powerful tin iron boron magnets, permanent magnet oxygen, aluminum nickel cobalt magnets, and so on.
Nowadays, the performance of the iron boron magnets is still relatively good, and it is still a wide range of magnets in practical applications.
There is no solid magnets and fixed shapes before creating a magnet, and even when it becomes a magnet, it is not magnetic, because the material of the magnet is not magnetic. For the shape of the strong magnet, it can only produce after artificial synthesis. The shape of a strong magnet.
For example: a square strong magnet in a strong magnet. The probability of square magnets in the shape is large. Different materials of the other materials have different effects. In order to better protect the mechanical equipment of the square strong magnetic and other phase magnets, pay attention to two points.
1. Working environment
First of all, when using Dongguan's iron boron -boron magnets, be sure to ensure that the surrounding the magnet is a very good environment. Now the powerful magnets still have potential for development in the market, and are widely used.
The most important thing to pay attention to when working on magnets is clean and clean, because strong magnets in a relatively poor environment cannot work normally.
Because it is still not able to attach it for those iron dumbs or tiny particles. If the working environment is poor, the magnet will easily lose magneticity and eventually cause the service environment. An important requirement for magnets.
2. Interior environment
This is another important point. Generally, when saving the powerful magnets, pay attention to the indoor environment to ensure that the indoor air is unblocked, and it is not possible to choose a humid place for storage. Be sure to choose a dry environment.
The Citroe Boron magnet not only has requirements for the working environment, but also requires the indoor environment. Its indoor environment temperature cannot exceed the working temperature of the magnet. The rust effect must be separated from some sensitive magnets when storing magnets, and the environment is stored in accordance with standards.

Post time: Dec-08-2022