Countersunk Magnet Screw M5 M6 Extremely Strong Magnets

Short Description:

Place of Origin:  China

Type:  square magnet,countersuk magnets,neodymium iron boron,

Composite: NdFeB Magnet, Iron Bron Magnet

Application:Industry, toys, packings, clothes, motors,electronic products, mobile phones,etc.


Processing Service:Cutting, Moulding

Grade: Neodymium Iron Boron, Customized

Delivery Time:8-25 days

Quality System:ISO9001 ISO:14001, IATF:16949

Size:Customers’ Request

Magnetism direction:

Thickness, Axial, Radial, Diametrically, Multi-poles

Maximum Working temperature: 60°C to 200°C Neodymium NdFeB Disc Magnet with countersunk hole


  • MOQ: 10 PCS
  • Sample order : avairable
  • Delivery way: Air , ship, train
  • Lead time: 7-25 working days
  • Materials: Neodymium iron boron
  • Packing : carton, iron sheet, foam
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product Name Neodymium Magnet, NdFeB Magnet
    Material Neodymium Iron Boron
    Grade & Working Temperature Grade Working Temperature
    N25 N28 N30 N33 N35 N38 N40 N42 N42 N45 N50 N52 +80℃
    N30M-N52 +100℃
    N30H-N52H +120℃
    N30SH-N50SH +150℃
    N25UH-N50U +180℃
    N28EH-N48EH +200℃
    N28AH-N45AH +220℃
    Shape Disc, Cylinder, Block, Ring, Countersunk, Segment, Trapezoid and Irregular shapes and more. Customized shapes are available
    Coating Ni, Zn, Au, Ag, Epoxy, Passivated, etc..
    Application Sensors,motors,filter automobiles,magnetics holders,loudspeakers,wind generators, medical equipments, etc.
    Sample If in stock, samples delivered in a week; Out of stock, delivery time is same with mass production

    Rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnet currently . They are composed of neodymium iron boron magnetic material and are plated in different materials,like zinc, nickel, resin etc, for the protection the magnet from rusty. Will do the magnetic field direction, like magnetized through the thickness or Radial, etc.  They  can be customized size and have innumerable uses.

    At any time, we welcome customers at home and abroad to visit, we will be in line with the principle of mutual benefit, looking forward to working with you to create brilliant!


    Hesheng magnetic Co., Ltd. an enterprise specializing in the production of magnetic materials. It can provide customers with the most scientific magnetic applications and magnetic solutions, and is good at various special specifications, high difficulty, complex technology and ultra precision magnetic products. The main products are Nd-Fe-B magnet, strong magnet, rare earth permanent magnet, magnetic bar, magnetic steel, magnet, ferrite magnet, rubber magnet, health magnet, magnetic button, magnetic buckle, invisible magnetic buckle, PVC waterproof magnetic buckle, etc. All our products have passed ROHS certification.

    Our company has been engaged in magnet production and management for many years. Our products have stable performance, strong magnetic force, good consistency, permanent magnetic field, and more than thousands of specifications. Our products are mainly used in: nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, aerospace, magnetic levitation, medical devices, electronic and electro acoustic, motor, precision instruments, environmental protection equipment, iron removal equipment, rubber and plastic hardware, bags and leather goods, gift toys, printing and packaging Clothing accessories and other industries.

    1、 Product performance: n35-n52, n35m-n50m, n35h-n45h, n35sh-n45sh, n5uh-n45uh
    2、 Product shape: all kinds of round, square, ring, tile, trapezoid, all kinds of special shape, etc
    3、 Main uses: toys, packing boxes, bags, handbags, leather goods, electronic products, mobile phones, electroacoustic products, motors, motors, instruments, stationery, signboards, handicrafts, gifts, clothing accessories, invisible magnetic buttons and invisible magnetic buttons, etc
    4、 Surface treatment: white zinc, blue white zinc, colorful zinc, nickel, nickel copper nickel, pure silver, pure gold and epoxy plating
    5、 At any time, we welcome customers at home and abroad to visit, we will be in line with the principle of mutual benefit, looking forward to working with you to create brilliant!

    magnet factory
    Magnet factory 3
    Magnet factory 15
    Magnet factory 11
    Magnetic field direction
    medical 1

    Production    Process 

    Sintered Neodymium magnet is prepared by the raw materials being melted under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere in an induction melting furnace and processed in the strip caster and thus cooled to form alloy strip. The strips are crushed and pulverized to form a fine powder ranging from 3 to 7 microns in particle size. The powder is subsequently compacted in an aligning field and sintered into dense bodies. The blanks are then machined to the specific shapes, surface treated and magnetized.



    Packing Details : Packed with white box, carton with foam and iron sheet to sheilding the magnetism during the transportation.

    Delivery Details : 7-30 days after order confirmation. Y



    Q: Are you trader or manufacturer? 

    A:We are a  neodymium magnet manufacturer of 20 years.  We have our own factory. We are one of the TOP  enterprises of the production of rare earth permanent magnet materials.

    Q: May I get some samples to test? 

    A: Yes, we provide samples. We could offer sample for free  if they are ready in stocks. But you would need to pay for the shipping cost.

    Q:How to ensure product quality? 

    A: We have 20 years  production experience and service experience in different markets. We work with many companies, like Disney, calendar, Samsung, apple and Huawei etc. We have a good reputation, although we can rest assured.

    Q: Do you have pictures of your company, office, factory?

    A: Please kindly check the company introducton page.

    Q: How to proceed an order for neodymium magnet?
    A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application. Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order. Fourthly We arrange the production.

    Q:How to guarantee the consistancy?

    1. the sintering control will make sure the perfect consistancy.
    2. we cut magnet by multi-wire sawing machine to guarantee the dimension consistancy.

    Q:How to control coating ?

    1. we have a coating factory
    2. After coating, first inspection by visual, and second is salt spray test, nickel 48-72 hours, zinc 24-48 hours.

    neodymium magnet property list_副本

    Neodymium Magnet strong magnet manufacturer 

    The range of disc,ring,block ,arc ,cylider,special-shape magnets


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